There are two unique franchise options available

Option 1

We offer a foodcart trolley package which includes the whole mix of marketing collateral with the insulated food carts (on wheels). These allow you to set up and sell our banting on the go products, wherever, whenever and at YOUR convenience. The foodcarts carry the stock and display the products and YOU simply sell direct to your customers. These unique foodcarts guarantee you will be the healthiest supplier at any event!
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Option 2


We provide a turn-key solution in terms of vending machines and their placement into environments that YOU have chosen. Vending machines provide healthy food and drinks in KEY locations for people on the go.
There are 2 variants of the vending machine franchises. These offer slightly different solutions to specific consumers. The banting on the go option offers banting products ONLY. The “B” on the go option offers a mix of banting specific and “commercial type products”. The choice is YOURS, remembering that EACH location IS DIFFERENT and the consumers are varied. The state of the art vending technology offers both credit card and cash payment options ensuring convenience and purchasing effeciancy.

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