What's the drug of choice?

So as the world starts noticing that banting is the only lifestyle that delivers weight loss and health, it seems to be stepping up its resistance to cutting out sugar and carbs? Have you noticed that too? How bizarre! Personally I have walked the banting journey for 4 years and built an entire business around the concept. I have benefitted tremendously and so have hundreds of people that I have met who regularly frequent our Factory Shop in Goodwood, Cape Town. I have watched people’s lives transform right in front of my eyes, both physically and mentally (emotionally). What a journey this has been (and remains) for myself and the banting on the go staff!


Having said this, I am constantly “wondering” what it is exactly that is so “bad” about banting? What is it that is so wrong with the notion of CLEAN EATING and cutting out sugar, and everything that’s artificial? Or is this a case of peoples greed and big business protecting their profits literally at the cost of millions of lives? I think so and the sooner the consumer wakes up to this notion, the quicker they will realize this: HUMANS ARE ORGANIC BEINGS. WE DIGEST ORGANIC FOOD. OUR BODIES CANNOT WORK WITH ARTIFICAL ANYTHING! I venture so far as to say that it is precisely the availability of the mass artificial food, that is killing the world, at an ever more alarming rate.

People may argue that we need to feed 8 billion people on the planet and that’s why we need to invent food that can withstand an atom bomb and last 3 years in a bag! That’s all find and well. But now, 40 years later, we are having to medicate and care for 5 billion sick people, and watch half of them die dreadful deaths! And this number is growing! HAS IT BEEN WORTH IT? Ask the medical aid companies and the families living with cancer victims in their midst’s. I’m sure they would agree not.


Right now I hear that the Medical Council is after Prof. Noakes again! Why is he getting such a rough ride from far and wide by some challenging his lifestyle banting LCHF claims? Think carefully now…..because it’s not in the best interest of the food industry as a whole. It means the mainstream food manufacturers and suppliers have to completely re-invent themselves and that takes hard work. And who wants to work that hard?! Not them. On the flipside though, an entire new world of opportunity has evolved for smaller companies to establish themselves and grow, and fill that void that is demanding CLEAN FOOD! And what can the consumer expect? A range of products that are created with passion, insight, skill and real determination ensuring that care is CORE to the product sold. That’s where banting on the go is. A small business with a big heart. A bunch of likeminded people who frankly give a damn! So by supporting us, you support an industry and possibly the next banting on the go innovation you may see on shelf, to make YOUR lifestyle more convenient!