Reach your ulitimate Potential.

There is this notion that banting is all about eating freshly prepared food ONLY and that we need to go back to the caveman days of preparing these meals over a fire at every meal occasion. Well, a great many books reference this notion, but is that a pipe dream? We all know that life is not that simple and that in reality we lead VERY busy lives. Where does this leave banting? At best a hobby. At worst a dream. Why? Because banting is so INCONVENIENT to be honest! Or is it?


When I started banting I was 117kg. I lost 25kg and that was HARD WORK. There were NO options on the shelves to help me make it easier! And that’s when I decided that we need to make this lifestyle easier for EVERYONE. Banting on the go™ was born! From 2014 onwards we dreamt of ways to make 100% authentic banting food and drinks more readily available, thereby making it easier for people to start and STICK TO the banting lifestyle! And boy was this a difficult journey! With access to only a handful of GREEN LIST ingredients at our disposal to make things like custard, jelly, chocolate mousse, snack bars, REAL MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES and so on, the challenge was on! But through innovation, and creativity, we managed to design over 40 products that today are making people’s banting lives achievable, fun, affordable and diverse!  And what’s more, our products RIVAL the commercial equivalents (which are full of nasties) in terms of taste, and in most instances, are BETTER!


During OUR journey, we coined a number of phrases such as UNCARBOLICIOUS and FATTHENEWTHIN to aptly describe our vision and thrust to making banting more CONVENIENT. We made it OK to bant “conveniently” and have proven that it is possible. So before anyone or any book tells you that you should be cooking your meals 3 times a day otherwise you are NOT BANTING, weigh up your busy life. Then know that banting on the go™ was there FROM the START of the banting REVOLUTION, and our formidable reputation is all the assurances you need to eat safely and correctly as a banter. Just ask our thousands of customers and followers who are healthier human being than they were yesterday! Our strapline is now more apt than ever: NO MORE EXCUSES!