Banting Expensive? No Way!

Its interesting to hear how many people say that banting is “so expensive”. At a glance, it may seem so. However, when you drill down into more detail about the banting lifestyle, they couldn’t be further from the truth. How so? Well, you need to look at the LIFESTYLE as a whole and NOT ONLY THE FOOD YOU EAT!


Let’s start with the food you consume when banting.


It’s essentially FRESHLY prepared food consisting of vegetables, fresh meats and things of that sort. The genius lies in ones ability to mix and match these range of foods to make wholesome dishes. YOU benefit immediately from the “artificial ingredient FREE” chow and your body screams with excitement when it goes down your throat!


When this happens over a prolonged period, eventually your body has the ability (and strength) to “heal” itself from the years of ingesting chemically laden food (including sugar). At the same time a phenomena occurs, being a self-regulatory process, whereby equilibrium is sought and your body adjusts in shape to its “real” size and weight. This happens NATURALLY through the banting process and is only influenced negatively when you deviate from the lifestyle and ”banting rules”. But enough about that. Why is banting perceived as “expensive”?


When you buy products to support the lifestyle such as those made by banting on the go, the shelf cost can seem fairly daunting. BUT, you are measuring the cost against your previous lifestyle before banting, where volume was the indicator of value! As a banter this is no longer your yardstick! Healthy LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) green list food/drinks, in the right portion sizes MUST be your motivating factor, alongside taste! As a banter you naturally eat much smaller portions and less frequently, which means that products like ours go so much further, spreading the “high cost” per portion over a longer time span.


Your banting food COST needs to be compared over a period of time and you need to be HONEST with yourself! As a non-banter, the amount of money spent snacking will stagger even the most skeptical individuals. Take this aspect out of your new banting lifestyle and you will quickly realize that you are in fact SAVING MONEY! Are you familiar with the cost of a MacDonald’s meal and drink? Or a Nando’s full chicken, coleslaw and drink? Well, I challenge anyone to show me how a banting meal prepared using some of our products, a Pick ‘n Pay chicken and feeding the same family, is any more expensive! In fact my own household is down 14% a month on our grocery bill alone since we all started banting in 2015!


And there’s one more thing. Maybe the most important. Your HEALTH. The cost of treating and trying to fix health issues arising directly from poor dietary choices constitutes about 80% of all medical household expenditure. This means that when your body is healthy and your family are banting, the medical expenses WILL plummet. In 2013 in my household we spent R29 000 over and above our R9800 annual medical aid, day to day allocation, on treatments, medicines and remedies. That’s a whopping R38 800!. And no one had surgery!!. In 2017, our total spend was R9670. This spend was for Physiotherapy, the odd Chiropractor session, dentist with a broken tooth and that’s about it. You see, we are now so active in our new lifestyle, we are bound to pull a muscle now and again!


So before you knock banting as an expensive lifestyle, evaluate it in its entirety and apply it with logic and FOCUS. You CAN eat smarter and healthier for less, you just need to practice doing it. And banting on the go designs products for BUSY households, so that you CAN eat yummy and healthy - on the FLY!