About us


This is the core value underpinning the Banting on the go operation. Since 2014, we have been innovating and developing 100% authentic banting food and drinks, which is why we are the most TRUSTED brand in SA. Our focus now is making banting more convenient and accessible for all. Whether it's in the kitchen, in the supermarket or in a restaurant, our products will make your banting lifestyle easier to manage while you are on the fly!
Maintaining the banting lifestyle for many people, hinges on how easily products such as ours are available. We are working hard at making YOUR journey easier.

Our Products


We make products in different food categories, which offers our customers a DIVERSE and ever evolving range of options and CHOICES.
Our products are designed to meet a number of key Criteria:


Our brand has become synonymous with quality and our growing customer base bears testament to this. Using only ingredients from the GREEN list and combining innovation and creativity to the mix, we deliver AMAZING product experiences.
Continual engagement with our customers ensures we focus on developing new, relavant products to market, and keep banting interesting.